Revolution in packing is coming to Czech Republic – don’t miss it!

Have you heard about new carton-free packing system (using PE coated paper sheets)? If not, you should know that system DIGI SWS-5600 is just arriving to Czech Republic and Novum is an exclusive distributor for the brand.

What can this beauty actually do?

In essence, you are dealing with an integrated weigh-pack-labeler designed also to be a space-saver. It works brilliantly – goods (ham, cheese…) lying on a paper sheet are placed onto machine platform and it converts it into the state-of-art professional package and prints out a label.

What are the advantages the system brings to your store?

DIGI SWS-5600 allows smooth operation and is easy to use. Thanks to above mentioned features and maximum speed of processing, which is 16 packs per minute on average, it saves time, eliminates errors and consequently also saves costs, increases work productivity and helps to build consumer loyalty because the outcome is impressive. At the same time it decreases human error rate as the operators can see pictures of products, outlook of label’s layout and indicators of remaining labels on the roll.

Benefits for customers – consumers

Customers will surely find the benefits appealing. Who wouldn’t like a simple solution? Advantages are obvious right at first sight – while carrying it home and then during stocking. Backing paper can be used even as a cutting board instead of the regular one. Well-arranged labels are easy to familiarise – the labels are even and allow easy outlook of the product information. According to the research, customers focus on items such as price and date the most so these are highlighted and, furthermore, you can use true type fonts to distinguish between the information so they make reading the label easier. Thermohead with 300dpi resolution is a chapter on its own…

Ecological benefits are certainly not negligible – NOVUM Green Technology 

Since we are using backing paper sheets that lower CO2 emissions, the ecological benefits are significant. Furthermore, the use of linerless technology substantially contributes to the environment protection too because it eliminates the paper waste

Success story

MP Krásno, a. s. is a modern enterprise and one of five biggest producers of meat and meat products in Czech Republic.